The other side.

  1. Word of Advice


    Human Weakness: You can have tens, hundreds, even thousands of people praising their acceptance of your being but for some reason those few who slip through and speak against rustle your jimmies.

    Do not fall for this.

    I get messages every day by aspiring YouTubers, and I’m sure such a thing happens from people who do blogs here on Tumblr. Don’t let it get to you, seriously don’t. NOTHING is universally loved. No one or thing.

    I mean look at boobs. You’re probably like ‘but everyone loves boobs’ - WRONG. There are people out there who think boobs are gross. They’re weird but hey, it’s how they are.

    Look at the great span of things. If you make someone, even one person happy, then you’re doing something right. If just ONE person is able to smile because of your existence, then fuck it you can die happy. You did it. You won.

    Someone has something negative to poke at you? Just say fuck it. Move on. Smile. Drink some girly drinks and enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourself for them, too, because obviously they’re not very happy with life. Be happy enough for the both of you.