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  1. hammer-of-zillyhoo:

    I Kind Of Want To Change My URL but I Am Attached To The One I Have: An Autobiography

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  2. I have a ridiculous jewelry horde for someone who wears next to none of it

  3. thesuperspacedandy:

    probably one of the funniest moments in Game Grumps history

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  4. futurefantastic:

    "bear with me," i say

    i have a bear with me. i want everyone to know

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  5. glory-to-cobrastan:

    come with me

    and you’ll be

    in a world

    of image

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  6. mikasil:

    have you ever just worn something so often that youre like “if i was an anime character, this would be it”

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    *falls onto shoulder*

    that too but this is a different thing

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