The other side.

  1. Okay i lost the post that I got the link from but The Balad of Edgardo is a tale of wonder and i recommend it strongly

  2. ajatusvaras:

    These two, these two! Also games, zombies, games of zombies… You go watch it guys! CRY n’ COX play Resident Evil 6!

  3. peperomint:

    when u dislike a song on an 8tracks but u dont dislike it enough 2 waste a skip on it so u just gotta suffer thru

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  4. just deleted every chapter of bad fanfiction i had stored on DA

    which requires you to go face to face with each page as you delete

    that was soul-cleansing

  5. officialedwardkenway:

    i either finish a video game in two days or in three and a half years there is no in between

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  6. these two peeps for thefaiao ouo

    these two peeps for thefaiao ouo

  7. Dandy for boo-alpha ouo

    Dandy for boo-alpha ouo

  8. Markiplier gives the elsens the perfect voice

  9. I need to get more art on this blog

    send me character requests and i’ll draw their head/shoulders because i’m a lazy bum who can’t draw feet for the life of me

  10. stupidstagram:

    tumblr post: you are such a uGLY cutie and i wanna HOLD YOUR DUMB HaND and kiss your … (345,000 notes) 

    me: chill 

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