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  1. i have a new computer and i immediately miss postblock 

  2. yellowfur:

    feels like I havent drawn for ages

    have some chubby raichu

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  3. Okay, I genuinely do not understand this.

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  4. I have a windows 8.1 computer now and windows wants to connect waaaaaaaay too many things holy god

  5. kazerad:



    What everyone with depression wants to hear.  Robin Williams’ death got me to thinking, so I organized some of my thoughts on the live show.  By request, I’m putting it here.  I hope this helps somebody.

    Nash tells the truth about depression and suicidal depression. He’s right, at least by my own experiences.

    I don’t usually reblog things, but this video is really, really good so I might as well make today a Reblog Day.

    It’s a bit long, and I don’t wanna be that guy who links a 24 minute video and says “watch this!”, but I feel this one is excellently presented and definitely worth the investment.

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  6. bloggers who treat people following them as some sort of insulting misbehavior freak me right out

  7. *gathers people who follow back on my barely active RP blog*

    i have fooled you all

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  9. kingcheddarxvii:

    With most celebrity deaths I can bounce back pretty quickly after the initial shock wears off, because personally I can only feel so connected to people I don’t know, but dang this is one I just can’t say “that’s sad” about and then go about my day. He meant a lot to so many people across generations of entertainment. He was a constant presence in so many people’s formative years including mine. It feels less like a “celebrity death” and more like losing a distant uncle who I never really met

    Everyone’s gotta work a little harder to make each other laugh now I guess

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  10. ☛ BREAKING: Actor-comedian Robin Williams Found Dead



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